The ProductStand tutorial will show you how to use the Android application and its various features, in order to stay up-to-date with the products published by SSSSTPD.
To use ProductStand, you must have an Android device, with Android 4.0 operating system or higher. To know which operating system you have on your device, go to Settings -> About Phone -> Android Version No. (or simple Version No.).
If you search for ProductStand on Google Play Store and cannot find it, then you may have an Android OS under 4.0, in which case the app will not be displayed for your device. You may also install it by opening https://productstand.sssstpd.com in your internet browser and clicking on Install. Google Play Store will schedule the app to be installed on your compatible device, when it accesses the internet next.
The various functions of ProductStand are:
1. Tutorial Tab: When you press Tutorial, this tab opens and you may read through the help text at any time.
2. About Us: An introduction to Sri Sathya Sai Sadhana Trust, Publications Division. Links to our hub website and social networking pages are also available here.
3. Books: This tab will open the catalogue of books, which are made available by SSSSTPD. Both physical books and e-books can be browsed through this tab. Click on any book to open its product page.
There is a counter underneath Books, which will display the number of products listed and the total number available. E.g.: 15/113, where fifteen products are displayed and a hundred and thirteen products are available.
4. Product Page: This page is opened, when you click on any product in the list view. From this page, you can see various details about the product, check out the product’s preview (the orange magnifying glass button under the product details – it displays only if a preview is available), and choose the currency and the store from which you wish to purchase the product.
Please note that ProductStand has no in-app purchases. All purchases are conducted from vendor websites, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Apple iBooks or iTunes, Google Play Store, and Sri Sathya Sai Publications.
5. Magnifying Glass – Filter: This option opens the Filter menu or Sorting menu. Use the various options in this menu to sort our products, according to your preference. Multiple filter options may be selected.
Choose Newly Added and select Search to display all the newly added products. Each such product will have a New symbol next to it.
By default, the currency option is US Dollars, the product type is Paperback.
6. Settings: This option opens the Settings menu.
  • Here you can specify the theme (background color) as white or sepia.
  • You may also choose the font size (small, medium, or large). By default, the font size is small.
  • The third option is titled ‘Enable Book Images’. This option is turned ON by default. If your device does not load the book cover images properly, please disable or turn this option OFF. Some devices experience trouble while loading images in the product list view. Hence, we have provided this option for a smooth and swift browsing experience.
When new products and features are added to ProductStand, you will receive a notification that your ProductStand app has been updated. Click on the notification in the Android notification drop-down menu to RESTART the app. You may also manually restart the app. Upon restarting, the new products and features will become available.
In the rare case that you do not receive an update notification from ProductStand for 45+ days, go to Settings -> Apps -> ProductStand and Delete Program Data. ProductStand will download the updated database. Use this option only if you do not receive any notifications over one and a half months.
Thank you for downloading ProductStand. Salutations at the lotus feet of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Sairam.